Bulambod 1.21 for windows in http://www.freewarelinker.com

Unbreakable cipher to encrypt your files. What is Bulambod? It is a cipher algorithm that is not based on other cipher algorithm. It was not invented or design today but it was started on 199xs. Yes it is not the same in structure when it was first design but the main goal was to make an unbreakable cipher algorithm. The strength of Bulambod is in the secrecy of password, even programmers, hackers, geniuses or even aliens know the source code it doesn’t matter. Bulambod can be design to used infinite password length. You can brute force it but its like your counting stars in the universe or counting grains of sand in all the beaches. In addition, you will have the possibility to use any number system as base, according to your preferences. Bulambod is a formula, its not difficult as you may think, its simple, its small, it has lots of good usage but beware, and a plea, a warning from the author his asking and will condemn anybody who will used this code in any malicious software especially to harm the masses.





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