Bulambod version 3.20140601

New version for this year.


review by Alexandru Dulcianu

In order to keep your files safe, using a regular password protection is not enough these days, due to the increasing number of threats present in the online medium. Moreover, if you plan on transferring the documents by email, they are even more exposed to malicious attempts.

Protect your files using strong encryption algorithms

Bulambod is a software utility that enables you to protect your information using powerful encryption algorithms, which aim to keep the documents safe from any unauthorized attempt to access them. The overall procedure involves selecting the desired files you want to secure and the secret pass key required to decrypt them, without which they cannot be viewed or used.

In addition, the application is also able to decrypt the documents once you no longer need the protection, using the exact same process. In case you do not want to risk losing access to your files due to password loss, you can choose to create a backup for them each time you apply the encryption and keep the originals unharmed.

Encrypt text and generate random passwords

In case you do not want to use a separate document, or you do not intend to send it as an attachment, you can simply encrypt the text using the built-in capabilities of the application. The content can be pasted directly into the provided text area and, just like with regular documents, you enter the preferred password. The result can then be safely used in regular, plain text files, without the need for additional protection.

In addition, you can generate automatic passwords to use as encryption keys, using a wide array of special characters and random digits. The total length of the key can be controlled using the available slider, although they can be quite difficult to remember without storing them somewhere, especially if you use a longer password.

In conclusion

Thanks to the very straightforward process and the reliable encryption algorithms, Bulambod is an application that can be very useful to have around when you need some additional protection. Furthermore, the intuitive user interface makes it very easy-to-use for anyone, regardless of your prior experience with computers.




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