Bulambod 3.2015.4.24

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What is Bulambod?
It is a cipher algorithm to convert electronic data or information to unusable format. It was written with the Genius, Hacker, Phreaker, Pirater, AI, Aliens and Almost-Average life form in mind. Its purpose is to create highly secure cryptographic system.

Why Bulambod was created?
It is an art, my dream to create an unbreakable cipher, the missing link to the future.

Is it legal to use it?
It depends on the law, were you are currently live in.

Why is it FREE?
This program is FREE to promote Bulambod algorithm, but Bulambod algorithm is not FREE.

Is it secure than other cipher algorithm?
As long the information and password are unknown it’s impossible to crack or hack.

Bulambod executable net framework edition – A
Bulambod executable net framework edition – B
Bulambod executable windows edition
Bulambod executable windows mobile edition
(contains Bulambod cipher algorithm)

This cipher algorithm cannot be used or embed in any software or hardware without approval of the author. This algorithm is secured that can produce unbreakable results. It can be design to used infinite password length, can use any number system known or unknown, can be design to use any kind of input device for password like laser, voice, DNA, video and etc.

This algorithm is not for sell however if you are interested about encryption or in this program in particular, you can contact me for more informations. I will gladly assist you. You could hire me to design and create encryption software to suit your specific needs.You can use this executable as FREEWARE for non commercial use only. This software is provided AS IS with no warranty or conditions. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS (INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTION AND FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE) ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. Use of the programs may not be error-free or uninterrupted. You assume all risks as to the quality and performance of the Derivative Products and will be solely responsible for any related warranties or conditions.The user must assume the risk of using the program. Your use of this software implies your acceptance of these terms.You can send your financial donation or any help at address below , via Western Union/Moneygram or any money order services

Mitchelle V. de la Cruz
Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, 6121
tel# just check my web blog
Copyright 1994-2xxx
All rights reserved.
http://www.bulambod.blogspot.com or http://www.bulambod.wordpress.com



This program is not compatibe with previous version, DO NOT use it decrypting old files. This is not a TOY, canceling while on process will make your files unusable. Big files will take time to finish, so ensure you have enough power or regret later. Don’t forget your password, secret key, start position and % file to process options, or else only miracle can restore your files.

Version 3.2015.4.24
-Add Restore Back-up button
-Add transparency option
-Fix several runtime error
-Selected files and password file is now autocheck if still exist before processing, invalid filenames are auto remove
-If file is under 64000 bytes it will be encrypted 100% regardless what is the value of % to process
-Default % to process is now 5%

Select Files button – to select files to process.

Encrypt radio button – encrypt selected files/text.

Decrypt radio button – decrypt selected files/text.

Show check box – mark to display password.

Clear check box – mark to clear password.

Start button – to start selected process.

Transparency slide – To change or adjust transparency

Restore Back-up button – to restore or rename all files with .backup extension

Type Password box- a place to enter your security code for encrypting and decrypting files.

Use file as password check box – select file and use as password.

List box – display selected files, you can also drag and drop files inside directly, only checked items will be process. Status will show if file is encrypted if it contains encrypted signature.

Input text box – encode any text to encrypt or decrypt.

Input password box – a place to enter your security code to encrypt or decrypt text. Secret key will be use.

Shift3 chech box – caesar cipher or shift character +/- 3.

Floppy disk icon – save text to file using .txt extension or save generated password to file using .pwd extension.

Process – to start selected process.

Generate Password button – generate random password. Just copy paste to use.

Password length – 0 to 32,000 characters, 32,000 is the default value.

Secret Key – additional security, remember this like your password.

% to process – file percentage to process, good option for big files.

Start at – starting position to process, good for skipping header file.

Back-up files – create backup files before processing.

Append in files
(If Encrypted) – append and save encrypted status inside the file.
(Secret Key) – append and save secret key inside the file.
(Start at) – append and save starting position to process inside the file.
(% to process) – append and save % to process inside the file.

http://www.bulambod.blogspot.com or http://www.bulambod.wordpress.com – click to jump in my website.